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Soaking it all in at Farrell’s!

For the past few years, working out was always a chore – something I felt I had to do – but this class was surprisingly fun! I put on the gloves and punched and kicked the bag for 45 minutes, and I wanted more. I enrolled in the Farrell’s 10-Week Challenge, unaware of the mental and physical transformation I was about to go through.

New Year, New Farrell’s Location Opening in Greenwood, IN!

Jim Warren, FIT member at our Farrell’s Bloomington, Indiana location was so moved by his Farrell’s experience and our program that he knew he needed to bring Farrell’s to the Indianapolis area. Jim always dreamed of owning his own business and Farrell’s is now allowing him to fulfill his dream as he open his own location in Greenwood, IN!

Five Foods That Increase Motivation

At Farrell’s, we teach a balanced, wholefood approach to nutrition that focuses on the right foods and portions at the right time. So while you’re working on your new goals, don’t forget nutrition and incorporate these nutrient-rich foods in your meal plans to boost motivation!

Creating Better Odds

I'd been dragging my feet on fitness for a couple of years, knowing I was overweight. The big push was last year, when my father passed away at 76. My Grandfather passed away at 71 and his father at 70. I kept thinking about my mortality and these statistics are showing me that I have about 20-25 years to live . . . unless I change some habits now. Check out the changes Andy made by joining Farrell's Mankato!

Following her Farrell’s Dream

We are excited to announce and welcome Laura Jacobs to our Farrell's Franchise Family as the new owner of our two Farrell's Sioux Falls, SD locations! Click here to read more about Laura's transformation, her dream to own, and how she's going to help members continue to reach their goals at Farrell's!



Farrell's Recipes!

Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Albertville

5262 Kyler Avenue NE
Ste 114
Albertville, MN 55301

Phone: (763) 772-7032
Head Coach: Brittany Zweig
Franchise Owner: B.R.E.W. Fitness, LLC



Entrance to Farrell's Albertville MN

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